Ontario’s Leadership in Clean Renewable Energy - IT’S OUR CHOICE

What’s really behind the increase in your electricity bill?

Electricity prices are going up and it is not because of renewable energy.

Wind and solar power in Ontario represent approximately 5% of total generation in Ontario. So it cannot make our electricity cost increase at the levels seen and claimed.

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Leading North America in Clean Renewable Energy

Ontario has established itself as a renewable energy leader, creating thousands of jobs and a growing clean energy economy.

  • 1st jurisdiction in North America to phase out coal.
  • 1st jurisdiction in North America to legislate a Green Energy Act and comprehensive feed-in tariff program.

As a result Ontario is a leader in climate reduction initiatives.

It is critical that the government of Ontario continues to build upon this success.

Let your provincial candidates know that you support Ontario’s continued leadership with programs like the Green Energy Act.

Ontario Has Taken a Leadership Position

In 2009, to attract investment and jobs in the emerging renewable energy industry, Ontario passed the Green Energy and Economy Act. It also introduced a Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program – an established price that is paid for renewable power. Germany, France, Japan, China and many other countries use FIT programs to successfully develop their renewable energy industries.

Ontario’s FIT is internationally recognized as North America's most successful renewable energy program. We are the first jurisdiction on the continent to establish such effective renewable energy incentives.

Our Renewable Energy Program is Working

The FIT program allows everyone, from citizens and small businesses to hydro companies and commercial developers to build and own their projects.

The FIT program results to date are impressive:

  • Attracting $21 billion in investment
  • 20,000 new jobs
  • 26,000 farmers and homeowners developing and
  • owning small solar projects
  • 58 new manufacturing facilities
  • 1,000+ community-based and aboriginal projects
  • One of the world's largest solar plants, in Sarnia (80MW).

About FIT Program Rates

The initial 80¢ set at the initiation of the feed-In-program was misunderstood. It was paid for electricity from small solar projects (microFIT – under 10kWh), typically to homeowners, farmers and small businesses. Lower FIT rates are paid for larger commercial scale wind and solar generation projects. FIT rates are scheduled for periodic and significant reductions as the costs of solar and wind technology drop. The FIT program adds only about $1.50 to the average monthly household electricity bill, while the microFIT portion of the program represents less than a fraction of 1¢.

We are a citizens’ coalition comprised of small business people, community power organizations, farmers, workers, manufacturers, developers and homeowners who care about how energy impacts our economy, our jobs, our health and our future.