About Us

Who We Are

The CAE is a coalition of citizens from across Ontario who support the publics’ interest in green jobs, good health, strong local communities and clean, affordable energy.

Our membership is comprised of:

  • Homeowners
  • Farmers
  • Rural landowners
  • Low-income families
  • Small and Large Renewable Energy Businesses
  • First Nations
  • Workers
  • Faith groups
  • Students
  • Community Economic Development Organizations
  • eNGOs

Our Mission

To sustain Ontario as a global leader in clean renewable energy production, investment and jobs.

The CAE supports initiatives like the Green Energy Act and Feed-in-Tariff Program that are responsible for creating thousands of jobs, generating economic prosperity, ensuring energy security and controlling climate change.

Our Vision

A sustainable energy economy where the citizens of Ontario are directly engaged in the ownership, development and building of renewable energy generation.

Our Immediate Mandate

To ensure that the fundamental elements of Ontario’s renewable energy policies continue to lead in North America and form the basis of job and energy security for all Ontario citizens.

Supporting Members

  • Residents of Ontario who support renewable energy
  • Residents of Ontario participating in the renewable energy sector
  • Ontario-based Community Power project proponents
  • Ontario-based Commercial Power project proponents
  • Ontario-based Manufacturers on the renewable energy supply chain


The OCCCAE is not a political organization.

It is dedicated to educating the public and other stakeholders about the economic, employment and environmental benefits of renewable energy, and policies to advance Ontario's leadership in this area.

The information, statistics presented on our web site are based on credible 3rd party sources: Ministry of Environment, Ontario Power Authority, Environment Commissioner, ClearSky Advisory Reports, The Ontario Energy Board, The Pembina Institute.

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